Motion comics for indie creators

General / 12 September 2019

Motion vs. static
Indie comic creators (especially those like myself, with no name recognition) should take a look at the Motion Book option. When, viewing my static version vs. the motion version, there’s a huge difference and my motion comic was actually pretty simple to produce. A sound track to enhance mood, control of pace and a few effects can really enhance the user’s experience.

The Madefire Motion Book Tool is very stable with the right amount of options. The tool is free, hosting the files is free and when your audience is ready to pay to see your work, Madefire can monetize that for you through their app. Version 2 of the Madefire Tool is due out soon with more features and HTML5 output.
If you’re familiar with any other motion programs (Hype, Animate, Flash, AfterEffects, Edge, ToonBoon, any 3D program), I think it’s an almost must do for you, since you’ll pick this one really quickly (no coding, no scripting). 

Trying new things
If you don’t have that background and also, if your art is traditionally produced (hence no layers), it will take longer and you have to weigh that time investment. I’ve had a very varied career and I think learning new things is one of the best things about a life in the graphic arts (avoid being niched!). Also, picking up knowledge in one area can often enhance your skills and understanding in another.

The Cauldron 
To find out more, check out the Cauldron, it’s a cooperative of indie motion book creators, a very friendly space in which to explore the potential of this platform. You’ll see a lot of different stories and styles from creators from all over the world. Creating comics (static or motion) can be a daunting  sort of endeavor, getting a little help can make a big difference.