Free “Mercy” Episode 2 starts today!

General / 11 September 2019

“Mercy is Just My Name Episode 2” starts today on artstation. 

This is the first time the static comic has been available for FREE! Pages to be added daily.

The Free Motion Comic is available on the Madefire app (just download the app) or on the web (Flash required).

Brought to you by Rustypony Comics & Multimedia and the Cauldron Motion Books Group.

While, not my favorite issue of the series, it was my second comic book I had created and I struggled mightly, it has some good visuals, a big change of pace set in the Louisiana swamps, an alternate steampunk history of the Civil War, sets up material for the big finale in “Nightland” and best of all leads into the excellent episode, “Wolfshead.” 

So, free episodes daily and I hope you enjoy the story.