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General / 06 December 2019

“The October Kingdom” begins it’s run today, here on artstation, devarttapas, madefire and cauldron.

Some might think releasing a new series with “October” in the title in December is clearly a mistake.

Obviously, these “glass half empty-ers,”  these “nattering nabobs of negativism”  don’t realize that I am publishing  “The October Kingdom”  a full 10 months early, for an actual release date of October 2020, getting a huge jump on all the other Fall seasonal titles

This is the “outside the box” thinking that has made all my ventures  such great commercial successes…

Okay, so issue 1 is finally done and will be available as static daily installments or as a complete motion book on the web (sorry, Flash still needed to view) or on any smartphone or tablet if you download the Madefire app. All versions are Free!

“The October Kingdom” will be done in a variety of animated (and static) storytelling styles. It will be an occasional series, featuring different horror/suspense-themed tales.

This comic and “Venus” are linear storylines and textless, a change of pace for me since “Mercy” was very wordy with a complex plot powered by loads of flashbacks. 

Done in a vertical format with a single image per page for a sort of storyboard/story book style as opposed to a more comics style.

I probably wouldn’t do something in this style again but I think it works well enough for this book. Just trying some actual outside the box thinking for my projects.

The inspiration for the series comes from the ravens living in my pine trees, a permanent couple that have raised 2 generations so far. They are locked in a perpetual battle of wits with my dog, Edward Bear, a war in which Edward seems to be losing…   losing badly.

Ravens are fascinating characters, the coyotes of the air, the ultimate survivors. However, they are carpetbaggers here in the California High Desert where they couldn't survive without man and the open water sources that he has brought with him. Ravens have had a significant impact on native species of birds and mammals as have we humans…

Also, I wanted to do a Native-American-themed story here, since I had to cut, Spirit Bears, a Navaho Medicine Woman, an important planned character, from “Mercy” due to space restraints when it turned from an ongoing series to a graphic novel.

Damien Tomaselli, over at Cauldron, picked up that my story was very much in line with “The Crow.” It’s something I really hadn’t thought about, although I loved the comic and movie when I saw them in the ’90s but, yes, ravens and retribution, I’m down for it.

Well, I hope you enjoy this series…

Jon Gerung
December, 2019

There ain’t no problem a .45-70 and a shovel can’t solve…

General / 12 November 2019

“There’s no problem a .45-70 and a shovel can’t solve,” words of wisdom imparted by Sister Mercy to her ward, Pet.

My favorite episode of my graphic novel, “Mercy is Just My Name 3: Wolfshead” begins its run today on artstation.

Free new pages daily.

About the series
A classic revenge-fueled spaghetti western with a steampunk, supernatural twist. Best described as “One-Eyed Jacks” meets “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” meets “Shadow Over Innsmouth.” 

About the Episode
From a desert ambush to the feral pit of Wolfshead to an airship high above the Sea of Cortez, Sister Mercy and Pet continue to fight for their lives.

For more info.

I hope you enjoy this episode…

Our long national nightmare is finally over

General / 08 November 2019

Our long national nightmare is finally over, “Mercy is Just My Name Issue 2” has finished its run on artstation.

Yes, Yes, I know you thought I was talking about something else but for those fortunate few that missed “Mercy 2,” you can see the entire issue here (scroll down to view more pages).

The best news with 2 being finished is that Issue 3 (of 6), “Wolfshead,” is coming up next for daily installments. 

This is my favorite issue of the series with a long flashback of Pet’s origin story.

This will also be available in Motion Book format by the end of the static run of issue 3.

About Motion Books
The Motion Book versions of this comic haven’t been all that popular here on artstation due to their Flash format which is dead or dying on the web. So many people have already disabled the Flash-plug-in on their browsers.

For my professional work I switched over to the new universal HTML5 format several years ago but I’m using the Flash-based Madefire tool for my personal projects (comics). This is due to ease-of-use and access to a built-in comics-reading community.

However, all my Madefire motion books will be updated next year to HTML5.

In the meantime, you can download the Madefire app to view my books on any smart phone or tablet. They have lots of free content on the app.

You can find out more about Motion Books here and here and here.

Well, I hope you enjoy the next issue…

The October Kingdom

General / 02 October 2019

Where it is always dusk…
and where the shadows come out to play…

Stay tuned… 

A new horror anthology motion book coming soon…

Motion comics for indie creators

General / 12 September 2019

Motion vs. static
Indie comic creators (especially those like myself, with no name recognition) should take a look at the Motion Book option. When, viewing my static version vs. the motion version, there’s a huge difference and my motion comic was actually pretty simple to produce. A sound track to enhance mood, control of pace and a few effects can really enhance the user’s experience.

The Madefire Motion Book Tool is very stable with the right amount of options. The tool is free, hosting the files is free and when your audience is ready to pay to see your work, Madefire can monetize that for you through their app. Version 2 of the Madefire Tool is due out soon with more features and HTML5 output.
If you’re familiar with any other motion programs (Hype, Animate, Flash, AfterEffects, Edge, ToonBoon, any 3D program), I think it’s an almost must do for you, since you’ll pick this one really quickly (no coding, no scripting). 

Trying new things
If you don’t have that background and also, if your art is traditionally produced (hence no layers), it will take longer and you have to weigh that time investment. I’ve had a very varied career and I think learning new things is one of the best things about a life in the graphic arts (avoid being niched!). Also, picking up knowledge in one area can often enhance your skills and understanding in another.

The Cauldron 
To find out more, check out the Cauldron, it’s a cooperative of indie motion book creators, a very friendly space in which to explore the potential of this platform. You’ll see a lot of different stories and styles from creators from all over the world. Creating comics (static or motion) can be a daunting  sort of endeavor, getting a little help can make a big difference.


Free “Mercy” Episode 2 starts today!

General / 11 September 2019

“Mercy is Just My Name Episode 2” starts today on artstation. 

This is the first time the static comic has been available for FREE! Pages to be added daily.

The Free Motion Comic is available on the Madefire app (just download the app) or on the web (Flash required).

Brought to you by Rustypony Comics & Multimedia and the Cauldron Motion Books Group.

While, not my favorite issue of the series, it was my second comic book I had created and I struggled mightly, it has some good visuals, a big change of pace set in the Louisiana swamps, an alternate steampunk history of the Civil War, sets up material for the big finale in “Nightland” and best of all leads into the excellent episode, “Wolfshead.” 

So, free episodes daily and I hope you enjoy the story.

Free Motion Book!

General / 30 August 2019

Free Motion Book!

Legends of Ancient Venus,” a FREE Motion Book Adventure using animation and sound is now available on the Web (Flash Version) or on the Madefire App for phones and tablets (just download the app and search for “Venus”). 

A retro-pulp adventure in the Edgar Rice Burroughs tradition set on the savage, primordial world of Venus!

Brought to you by Rustypony Comics & Multimedia and Cauldron Motion Book Group.

Want more Motion Book action? Try these:

Mercy is Just My Name 1 Soul in Iron Part I

Mercy is Just My Name 2 Soul in Iron Part II

Mercy is Just My Name 2 Wolfshead

Mercy is Just My Name

General / 19 January 2018

Thanks for finding this site!

“Mercy is Just My Name” is a classic revenge-fueled spaghetti western comic with a supernatural and steampunk twist.

Best described as ”One-Eyed Jacks” meets “Shadow Over Innsmouth” meets “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

Enjoy the images and any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.


Jon Gerung