“Mercy is Just My Name” is a classic revenge-fueled spaghetti western comic with a supernatural and steampunk twist.

“Mercy” is available as a static comic, a motion book (with animation, music and sound-effects) and a phone-friendly version (in scrolling vertical format ).

Although originally conceived as an ongoing series the remainder of  “Mercy” will be compiled with the earlier issues into a omnibus edition (a 160-page complete graphic novel) which will hopefully appear on Comixology (static) and Madefire (motion book) within the next couple of months.

The series is a big mashup of genres: pulp, horror, steampunk, supernatural, historical, western and science fiction.

It’s been a lot of fun doing the series and it has definitely helped me grow as an artist. Issue 5 (which I’m working on right now) is such a huge improvement over Issue 1. It’s also been a great deal of work. Plotting, pacing, writing, page designing, logo designing, 3D modeling, drawing, inking, coloring, animating, sound designing, general promotion, social media promotion, website building: all take a remarkable amount of effort for just one person.

It’s given me a much greater appreciation for anyone that puts themselves out there to do anything creative and manages to finish it…

Any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

Jon Gerung