The Crawling Shadow

Concept drawing for the Soul Eater from the upcoming “Gem from the Books of Dusk.”

“Feasting on them is an… obscenity. This is the Shadow Leech, the Soul Eater, the Crawling Shadow. Gem’s people have many names for this thing. It fades in and out of reality—one moment, solid; the next, transparent. Monstrous reptilian, wolflike, insectile heads all with ravening jaws stretched wide constantly rear up, then dissolve back into the darkness. Tentacles unfurl and retract to be replaced by insect-like talons and reptilian claws. Worst are the silently screaming human faces. Tormented souls that the thing has eaten. They rise out of the thick black soup, only to sink again. A supernatural colony organism that knows only one imperative, it must feed…”

“Gem from the Books of Dusk”
From the corrupt streets of Palm City to the barren wilderness of the Mojave, a drifter and a refugee from the future fight for their lives against an unspeakable terror from the end of time.

This book will be a hybrid of prose and graphic novel formats.

Digital, colored, scratchboard technique using Clip Studio and Cinema 4D for a retro-future noir style.