The October Kingdom
That country where it is always dusks… 

A new horror anthology motion book/comic book series to be done in a variety of animated/static styles.

Motion Book
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“The October Kingdom” will be done in a variety of animated (and static) storytelling styles. It will be an occasional series, featuring different horror/suspense-themed tales.

This comic and “Venus” are linear storylines and textless, a change of pace for me since “Mercy” was very wordy with a complex plot powered by loads of flashbacks. 

Done in a vertical format with a single image per page for a sort of storyboard/storybook style as opposed to a more comics style.

I probably wouldn’t do something in this style again but I think it works well enough for this book. Just trying some actual outside the box thinking for my projects.

The inspiration for the series comes from the ravens living in my pine trees, a permanent couple that has raised 2 generations so far. They are locked in a perpetual battle of wits with my dog, Edward Bear, a war in which Edward seems to be losing…   losing badly.

Ravens are fascinating characters, the coyotes of the air, the ultimate survivors. However, they are carpetbaggers here in the California High Desert where they couldn't survive without man and the open water sources that he has brought with him. Ravens have had a significant impact on native species of birds and mammals as have we humans…

Also, I wanted to do a Native-American -themed story here, since I had to cut, Spirit Bears, a Navaho Medicine Woman, an important planned character, from “Mercy” due to space restraints when it turned from an ongoing series to a graphic novel.

Damien Tomaselli, over at Cauldron, picked up that my story was very much in line with “The Crow.” It’s something I really hadn’t thought about, although I loved the comic and movie when I saw them in the ’90s but, yes, ravens and retribution, I’m down for it.

Well, I hope you enjoy this series…

Jon Gerung
December 2019